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Donate to The Active Artists Alliance

Now you can to donate to the Active Artists Alliance. Your donations will help us out with the costs associated with maintaining a web site, printing costs for posters and flyers, setting up events and shows, and whatever else we come up with to help extend our reach. Any contribution is accepted and greatly appreciated. Thanks!

If you'd like, we can let you know just how your donation will be used. We'll also post your name on this page unless you would rather we didn't. Thanks again!
Due to PayPal policy changes we can no longer use PayPal to accept donations until we finalize our application for Non-Profit status. If you have experience in applying for Non-Profit status and would like to help please send us a message and we'll get right back to you.

If you would still like to donate please contact us and we'll send you an address where you can mail a check.
We sincerely thank the following people for donating to the Active Artists Alliance:
  • David Grice   3/23/2007